Club Open teams will schedule their own games (minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 fall/8 spring) with any age teams in the Club Open division.  There will be no pre-determined schedule completed by the league.  It is the team's responsibility to play the required games for State Cup eligibility.

Games must be scheduled by the mid-season cut off date and games are to be played by the end of the season.

Games are scheduled only by the HOME team by logging in to their Team Page and using the Game Schedule (Referee) Request link found on the lower left side of the page.  Referees are automatically assigned when the game is approved by the referee assignor after the game has been submitted.

Club passes will be issued for all players in the Club Open Division with rosters on gamecards being open.

The club would still submit teams according to current roster sizes.  Those players initially listed on the team roster would be the default players for rosters and gamecards, however, the club/team would be able to edit (add/drop) any age eligible players as desired.

U12 Club Open teams will play 11 v 11.

U15-19 Club Open teams play Spring Only.

Club Open players would only be allowed to guest on a same or higher age Division 1 or Division 2 regular competitive division team.  A regular competitive division player could guest on any age appropriate Club Open team.

Both Home and Away teams must present a gamecard to the referee for the game that correctly lists the team's players who will be playing in the game.

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