Home Team Responsibilities

Home team’s responsibility:

1.   Change jerseys, if there is a color conflict
2.   Bring the GAME CARD to the home game
3.   Make sure field is ready for play at game time including corner flags (this includes build-out line for U10 and below. If there is no marked build-out line then cones need to be placed on the sidelines indicating where the build-out line would be).

Game Changes / Cancellations:

1.   If an opposing coach calls or emails your coach that they will not be at a game, remind them they must submit a game change form to the League.
2.   No game change submitted to the League means your team should show at the field, as a referee will be there!
3.   Teams that do not show for a game are charged with a forfeit.


Be sure your Club Manager uses the RAINOUT Games button on the Club page when appropriate.

Have a great season!

 last updated: 06/19/17 05:04pm