Using the Mobile Pass

***The Mobile Pass is to be used as an exception not the rule. The use of Mobile Passes is tracked  & audited, and if abuse is determined the abilty to use the Mobile Pass will be removed.

1)   On your mobile phone, login to the YSSL website ( Note: If you are using the Club Mgr password you will have access to the mobile passes for all teams within the club. If you are using the Team password you will have access to only those teams your email address is attached to as the Coach or Team Contact. This means, if you are the Coach or Team Manager of one team and are using guest players from another team to which you are not attached, you will need to obtain the login information for that team or you will not be able to access the roster and Mobile Pass.

2)   Click on your club name from the list. From the Club page, click on the name of the team your player(s) are rostered.

3)   From the Team page, click on the Roster. Next to each Coach(s) and Player(s) name is a drop down arrow. Click the arrow next to the Coach(s) and/or Player(s) which you need a Mobile Pass. (Note: There will be a pop up disclaimer advising not to use the mobile passes unless you are checking in for a game and they will be tracked). Click the OK button.

4)   The YSSL Mobile Pass will open. Present this to the referee for check in of the Coach/Player. The Mobile Pass is only viewable for a short period - do not access until check in with the referee.

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