Rainout (When & How to Use the Rainout Button)

If you receive a call from your Park District or Fields Director and they advise the field is unplayable due to weather, what should you do?

Answer - Call your Assignor!

Answer - Call the opposing team!

Answer - Call your Club Manager to use the Rainout Games button on the Club Page.

If the game is in progress and the referee calls the game due to lightning prior to the completion of the first half, this is also considered a Rainout game, though you do not need to call your assignor nor opposing team, you MUST call your Club Manager and advise them to use the Rainout Games button.

When logged in, the Club Manager must click on the Rainout Games Button on the Club Page. The information in this queue will show games two days prior and after the game date. Click the check box next to each game that will not be played due to weather and then click the Submit Rainout Game button. This simple step will update your team page and give you immediate access to the reschedule button.

Your assignor must be called to notify them of any rained out games! In fact, your assignor's name and number will appear in a message when you submit the rainout games.

Once the game is rained out on the website, a green reschedule button will appear for any rained out game on the applicable Team Page. This reschedule button is only available for 21 days after the rained out game. Be sure to reschedule your rained out games immediately, if the game is not rescheduled and the button disappears the game will not be played. It is not the responsibility of just the home team to start the reschedule conversation. Both teams should be actively pursuing a new date and time to reschedule the game.

The same 7 day rule applies to reschedule of Rainout games as it does for game changes. There must be 7 days notice for the assignor to procure a referee!

 last updated: 05/22/18 11:05am