FAQ's you need to know:

1)   Guest Players - A player may not be registered in more than one IYSA league. He/She may use their IWSL or CIYSL player pass to play as a Guest Player on a YSSL team as long as it is for the same club and for the same age. (ex. a U10 girl with an IWSL pass may play as a guest player on the U10 YSSL team for the same club)

2)   Reporting Game Scores - Do not reach out to the league to report a game score that has not been entered prior to 48 hours after the game date. Give the referee time to report the score. If it has not been reported after 48 hours please use the Report Game Results Form found on your team page to report the score to the league.

3)   Accepted Proof of Age - Birth Certificate, State ID, Driver's License, Passport, Baptismal Certificate & Alien Registration. The proof of age MUST be in a JPEG format and MUST show all four corners of the document.

4)   Mailing Passes -  If you want passes mailed to you I can do this if you follow the proper procedure. Once you enter the player in the YSSL system, please print the invoice, mail me the payment and include a self addressed envelope. When I receive the envelope and payment, I will print the pass and drop the pass back in the mail to you.

 last updated: 03/14/23 12:18pm