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All clubs must complete and submit the Illinois Youth Soccer Association Organizaigon Statement of Understanding & Agreement for the Fall/Spring soccer year by August 1 or new spring teams by April 1.  Click here for the Organization Statement of Understanding form.

The Organization agrees to abide by the IYSA Goal Safety Policy (Rule 021-A) and, hereby, certifies that it has implemented the IYSA Goial Safety Policy and communicated the policy to each of its officers, directors, coaches, employees, volunteers, associated personnel and the parent/guardians fot he participants.  Further, the Organizaiton certifies that it has complied with the IYSA Goal Safety Policy requirements prior to its annual registration.

The Organization agrees to comply with the IYSA Risk Management Policy (Rule 019) and certifies that on or before April 1, 2014 it will coduct a background search Click here to conduct a background check now. on every new affected person as defined in this policy, Statement of Position, Paragraph 2, a through f and every two (2) years thereafter.  The Organization does further certify that all of the individuals in the list submitted to the IYSA, i.e. (all covered persons listed in the statement of Position, paragraph 2, a through f in IYSA Rule 019) are fit to paricipate in any and all IYSA affiliated/sponsored programs.

The Organizaiton agrees that effective September 1, 2014 every Organization coach will have a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Head Up concussion in Youth Sports completion certificate Click Here to access the Heads Up Training and the Organization will adopt and use the Illinois Youth Soccer Association Concussion Notification Form.

Your club needs to comply with this policy by April 1, 2015 in order to be in good standing with the IYSA and YSSL. The IYSA will not issue Tournament Permission to Travel Forms nor allow clubs who are not in compliance to participate in the State Cup. The YSSL will allow clubs to register for the Spring 2015 season but any games played by any teams of a club that is not KIDSAFE certified will be declared a forfeit until such club is certified, and such forfeiture will not be removed because of after the fact certification.

All soccer clubs and independent teams associated with the YSSL must submit a completed Organization Statement of Understanding and Agreement. A copy of the Agreement must be signed and sent to us with the name list of all covered individuals (coaches, trainers, all persons who have direct contact with the players) attached to it with the confirmation of each person's background check being performed by whatever service was used. It is each club's responsibility to verify the results of each background check for compliance with the IYSA RM-1 Board Policy for Exclusion:

IYSA Board Policy RM-1 Board Policy for Exclusion from Programs Operated or Affiliated with the IYSA

Every person aged 18 or older working in any capacity with youth members of the Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) shall annually complete and sign a disclosure statement on a form promulgated by the IYSA. No person who has been convicted within fifteen (15) years of executing an IYSA Disclosure Statement shall be allowed to participate in any program directly or indirectly overseen by the IYSA, including its affiliated leagues, clubs, teams, and/or organizations if he or she has been convicted of murder, kidnapping, rape, robbery, arson, burglary, manslaughter, extortion, indecent liberties, incest, vehicular homicide, prostitution, corruption of a minor, unlawful imprisonment, sexual exploitation of any person, child abuse or neglet, child molestation, sexual misconduct with any person, possession of electronic or internet pornography, distributing unlawful drugs, providing alcohol to a minor, violation of any restraining order, or any crime of physical violence.

The completed forms must then be sent to the YSSL Business Office. You can review the IYSA Risk Management Policy (Rule 019) and IYSA Goal Safety Policy (Rule 021-A) at


To assist you with this process you can use the link listed below for access to the IYSA's background search link that is processed through NGIN. This is an option available to clubs to assist with background checks if desired, however the fees involved ($10.00 per person) are the responsibility of the club and not the YSSL. With this service the club submits and pays for all covered individuals. Otherwise you need to include the documentation/verification from whichever service you use that a background check has been completed for each listed individual.


(Or at click on COACHES, then BACKGROUND CHECK, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link.)

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DO NOT FORWARD INDIVIDUAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENTS. Individual disclore statements are to be kept in the strictest confidence by the individual clubs or independent teams. Questions, can be directed to us via email or voicemail listed below. Completed YSSL KIDSAFE Club Certifications for new teams must be mailed by April 1, 2015 to the address below AND NOT TO THE IYSA

Mailing Address:   YSSL, PO Box 724, Arlington Heights, IL 60006

UPS/FEDEX Street Address:       Young Sportsmen's Soccer League
                              1655 S. Arlington Heights Road
                              Arlington Heights, IL 60005

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