Using the League Mediator

Contact the opposing coach as far in advance of the proposed change as possible! Be sure to start the process long before you fail to meet the 5-day deadline to submit the game change.

When to get the League Mediator involved...

1)   If you have contacted the opposing club (Coach, Team Manager & Club Administrator) via email and phone and not received any resolution to your game change matter, you should contact the League Mediator. This can be just a matter of days. (Meaning you call the head coach/assistant coach/team contact and leave a message and they don't respond within 24 hours. Next you email the head coach/assistant coach/team contact and they don't respond within 24 hours. Then you get the Mediator involved. It should happen that fast.) (Remember to view the club's contact information you need to be logged into the YSSL website. If the phone number or email are missing or incorrect for a contact please contact the YSSL office to update.)

2)   If you are having difficulties agreeing on a date or other team is not responding in a timely manner regarding a game change, you should contact the League Mediator.

3)   If the other club flat out refuses to work out any kind of game change, you should contact the League Mediator.

All of these are situations where you need to contact the League Mediator Frank Minneci using the Mediator Request button. It is important to make sure you are contacting the League Mediator at least 3 to 4 days prior to you failing to meeting the 5-day deadline for submitting a game change request.

We have made the process so much easier. There is a button right on your team page now. Click the link below for details and how to use the Mediator Request button.

League Mediator Request Button - How to Use

Resolution by the Mediator could be any of the following:

a)   Based on access to the schedules for the teams involved determining a date/time/location which may or may not appeal to both teams/coaches.

b)   Determining that the game will not be played and no points are awarded to either team.

c)   Determining one team wins by forfeit based on the information received or lack of response by one or more of the parties.

NOTE:   Do not send these emails to the YSSL office nor copy the YSSL office on your correspondance with the League Mediator. Once the final resolution has been determined the League Mediator will notify the YSSL office.

 last updated: 08/03/22 09:56am