Game Change Rules

There will be a "grace period" between 7 - 10 days, after the Scheduling Meeting, teams are able to 'tweek' their schedule, by submitting a game change form from their team page on the YSSL website.  We all make mistakes and prior to the begining of the season during this grace period is the time to correct them.

Once the grace period is over, each team is allowed two free game changes per season. There are exceptions to this rule.

1)   Changes caused by any State Cup scheduled game will be exempt.
2)   Field only changes will be exempt.
3)   Weather postponements and closed fields due to weather will be exempt, but your club MUST use the Rainout button.

How to Rainout a Game Link

Game changes must be submitted 7 days prior to the game date or reschedule date, whichever is sooner.

1)   If you find your team needs more than two game changes, there is a $75 charge which must be paid through PayPal before the change is processed.
2)   If your team submits a game change in less than the 7 day required time period, there is a $75 charge which must be paid through PayPal before the change is processed.
3) Note: If you are being assessed a fee for a game change and you believe the change should not incur a fee please click the link to email the League to have the fee waived. Include your reason as to why the change should not have a fee. If the fee is not valid the League will respond with a Waiver code which you can use for that game change only to bypass the fee and put through the change. If it is determined to be valid then the League will advise the charge is valid and you will need to pay the fee to put through the change.

How to Pay Your Late Game Change Fee Link

***The theme here is to have a schedule that is not changing at the last minute.  A last minute change does not only affect the coaches, the players, the assignor, the referee, etc.  There is a ripple affect, with everyone's busy schedule, affecting the families as well.

1)   Any changes to the published YSSL schedule must be completed via the game change form on your team's home page. Do not email your assignor or the league office to complete these game changes. The YSSL website MUST be accurate at all times for the convenience of our members.

2)   The team needing the change should be the one to submit the game change online (it is not automatically the Home team). Prior to submitting any request, the requesting team MUST speak with the opposing team and have agreement on the reschedule date/time/location prior to submitting the change.

3)   All game change requests must be submitted online before the end of Week 6 (Fall season) or Week 5 (Spring season). You are able to change games for weeks 5 or 6 through the end of the season, however these changes must be made online prior to the end deadline. All games changes that may come up after the last game change date, will incur a $50 fee paid through PayPal prior to the game change being processed. 

4)   The game change request must include the date the rescheduled game will be played. Requests will not be accepted that indicate TBD (To Be Determined) in lieu of a specific make up date.

5)   All rescheduled games must be played by the LAST DAY OF THE SEASON or they will remain a game not played and no points awarded to either team.

6) Important:  If you are having difficulties agreeing on a date or receiving a response from the opposing team, contact the League Mediator immediately. Do not wait until the last minute to have the League Mediator involved because the fee for a late game change will not be waived.

League Mediator Link

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