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Season: SPRING 2024   
Wed Feb 28, 2024 10:52pm


The YSSL Office is Closed today 2/28/24. Please contact us via email with questions or requests. We apologize for any inconvenience.

 15 hours ago

Exciting News!!! The preliminary schedule is now live on your team pages.

Please be aware of the following.

1)   Remember be considerate and respond in a timely manner when a club reaches out to you regarding a game change. If you cannot make the decision let them know who can and how they should be contacted.

2) All game changes MUST be agreed upon by both teams before they can be entered on the YSSL website.

3) All game changes MUST be entered on the YSSL website. This is done from your team page using the Game Change button. Do not email the YSSL office to make a game change for you.

4) If you see a game on your schedule with a date of 12/31, that means that game is currently not scheduled and you MUST work with the opposing team to determine a valid date/time/location to schedule the game. Then enter the game change through the YSSL website. Don't wait...do this during the free game change period.

5) All game changes between now and midnight on March 15th are free. After 3/15 game changes made will use one of the team’s two free game changes.

6) To determine the opposing team’s contact…

- You MUST be logged into the YSSL website

- From your team page, click on the opposing team's name, this will bring you to their team page

- In the upper right corner click on the coach’s name or the team contact, or both. This will provide you their phone number and email address. (You should be contacting the Head Coach and Team Contact at the same time to have the best chance of getting to the right person and a quick answer.)

7) If you contact the opposing team and either get no answer or cannot agree upon a new date/time within 48 hours get the MEDIATOR involved right away

- From your team page click the Mediator Request button and enter the requested information

 - If you choose not to get him involved and the free change period lapses, you will be required to use one of your game changes to move the game

 14 hours ago

click here for info on linking to the league site.

 League Office

Office hours:

Tuesday & Wednesday 10 am to 2 pm

Monday/Thursday remote hours 10 am to 2 pm

If you reach out after 2pm on Thursday, we may not respond until Monday.

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